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Fairhaven Landscaping 

Building ornamental and edible gardens for beauty and bounty in all seasons.

Over 25 years of gardening and landscaping on Cortes Island. 

Fairhaven Gardens Landscaping offers landscape and garden consultation, landscape design and new installation as well as redesign and rejuvenation of existing landscapes. 

I specialize in design and installation of organic ornamental and food gardens including woodland, seaside, native, and deer resistant landscapes, whole-farm design, orchards, and vegetable gardens. I love creating balanced designs which integrate food for the soul (the ornamental garden) and food for the body (the edible garden) both being essential components of health for both people and the planet.

Our landscape installation seasons are spring and fall, leaving the coldest and hottest seasons for the gardens to settle and establish. As gardens are dynamic and ever changing they require an intimate relationship with their human caregivers. As they have continued to develop and mature, our crew continues to tend and maintain many of the gardens we have created on Cortes and surrounding islands. 

We landscape organically, recycling garden nutrients and building healthy soil along with beautiful gardens. Each garden we create becomes a growing and dynamic carbon sink, an expression of creative stewardship.

For consultation, design, and installation please call or email Laura Ellingsen.

Laura Ellingsen
1188 Bartholomew Rd.
Manson's Landing,  BC,  V0P1K0
Phone: 250.935.6559

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