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Fairhaven Nursery 

Visit Fairhaven Gardens Nursery for local knowledge,  inspiration, plants, and supplies.

Our Cortes Island nursery, nestled on our family farm, is surrounded by beautiful ornamental and food gardens. We are open every Friday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm from leaf burst in April through leaf fall in October and by appointment throughout the winter. Visit us throughout the season to see what is in bloom, berry and leaf. Fairhaven’s ornamental and food gardens showcase a lush array of established plants for seasonal interest. The gardens are full of surprises even in the hottest or coldest of seasons. Explore our gardens and nursery for blooms, berries, leaf colour, texture and plant form for inspiration and plants to keep your garden beautifully accented year round. 

In the nursery and garden: 

We carry a full range of edible and ornamental plants including fruit trees, berries, roses, climbers, flowering and ornamental trees & shrubs, conifers, broadleaf evergreens, perennials, grasses, and deer resistant plants.
If you are looking for a plant we are likely to have it. If you have a space to fill or a specific need, we will have a plant to fill it.

Fruit and berries:

Our fruit trees, berries, and nuts include a variety of apples, domestic and Japanese plums, cherries, domestic and Asian pears, peach, figs, persimmon, pawpaw, blueberries, loganberries, tayberries, boysenberries, raspberries, goji berries, saskatoon serviceberries, june bearing and everbearing strawberries, black and red currants, green and red gooseberries, sea buckthorn, table and wine grapes, kiwis, and hazelnuts.

Ornamental trees:

We carry a variety of spring and summer flowering dogwoods, flowering cherries, magnolias, amelanchier (serviceberry), redbuds, tree lilac, hawthorns, robinias, Japanese maples, red maples, vine maples, flowering witch hazel, copper beech, katsuras, davidia, euonymus (spindle tree), Japanese snowbell, laburnum, oak, staghorn sumac and a number of conifers.

Perennials and shrubs for every season: 

A few seasonal perennials and shrubs amongst the many we carry: Perennials from spring pasque flower and solomon's seal, to summer lilies and echinacea, to fall toad lily and japanese anemone, to winter hellebores and bergenias. We carry over 100 varieties of perennial flowers. Our deciduous shrubs vary from spring lilacs and viburnums, to summer hydrangeas and rose of sharon, to fall seven sons flower and himalayan honeysuckle, to winter flowering honeysuckle and heathers. Our broadleaf evergreens range from spring azaleas and rhododendrons, to summer flowering privets, to fall camellias and berrying nandina, to winter flowering daphne and mahonia. We carry hundreds of varieties of plants to choose from.


We carry a selection of the highly scented, beautifully formed David Austin English roses, colourful modern shrubs and climbers, disease resistant clove scented rugosas, and heritage alba, centifolia, gallica, hybrid perpetual, moss, portland, and rambler roses.


We carry climbing and rambling roses, wisteria, honeysuckle, clematis, akebia, trumpet vine, climbing hydrangea, passion flower, and jasmine.

Deer resistant plants: 

Select from  a garden’s worth of deer resistant plants including ornamental and culinary aromatic herbs, deer resistant flowering and structural shrubs,  perennials, ground covers, grasses, bamboo, conifers and ornamental trees. Your deer resistant garden need not be bloomless. Fill your unfenced areas with lush leaf, berry, and bloom.

Soil conditioners and mulches:

Building healthy soil with organic conditioners, amendments, and mulches. 

If you feed your garden it will feed you.

We carry chicken manure, sea soil, mushroom manure, blended manure, steer manure, peat moss, potting mixes for seed starts and potting up, straw, organic granular fertilizer mixes, dolopril and dolomite lime, fresh liquid fish fertilizer, and deer repellent spray. 

Mulch and feed your garden to keep it happy. Nature always mulches.

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